Which Penis Enlargement Products Can Increase Size?

What you need to know…

height-mattersThe phrase, “Size doesn’t matter” is music to men’s ears; especially those that suffer from a “belittling” penis.

But how many women say it or mean it? The fact remains that women do love it big.

Size Matters!

We men can perform very well even with a smaller penis and women know that too, but a bigger instrument has its own attraction and offers a more pleasurable experience for the woman.

If you’re a man, you would understand better when you compare it to the boob size in women. Does a smaller boob size hinder love making?

No, it doesn’t! But a majority of men prefer bigger boobs purely for the pleasure they offer.  It’s the same with women.

Here, we are not trying to belittle those with smaller penises. Our effort is to ensure men lead highly satisfactory lives and take pride in taking their women to the heights of sexual pleasure.

Yes, your woman may not really complain about your size because of her love for you, but isn’t it worth it to try and do something to provide her the bliss she never knew exists?

Fortunately, we live in the modern scientifically advanced world, where there is every opportunity for us to change things for the better. Numerous Penis Enlargement Products are at our disposal.

But we are smart enough to know that not every product is genuine. We have to ensure we do not use any kind of penis enlargement products without due diligence.

This is where “research” comes into the picture. This is where you benefit from my extensive research.

Penis Enlargement Products take over the market

Now that you decided that size matters, your next thought would be on getting a product to help you. If you use Google search to find penis enlargement products, you will find thousands of results come up.

Is this a great thing? No! Because you have no idea which products work and which don’t.

The thousands of web pages that come up offer various penis enlargement products; pills, herbal remedies, patches for enhancement, injections, exercises and a whole lot more that claim to create a “sex-oozing manly hunk” out of you.

The penis enlargement industry is booming because of the number of “desperate” buyers that throng to buy each and every product that is released into the market. It’s almost like a monster that doesn’t spare anyone.

But if you want to end up successful in your attempts at gaining in size and performance, you’ll have to show some restraint now, lest you end up with other health or emotional problems.

Take consolation in the fact that you’re not alone in this. There are plenty of men out there battling it out and the ones with a happy-ending are those that make sure they understand the market first before getting their hands on any penis enlargement products.

Read on and understand better how these things work…..

Buying Penis Enlargement Products is easy but choosing a good one is not

We cannot caution you enough on the need to go slow with this. Your health has to be your first priority.  Towards this end, it’s important to find the right product from among the thousands out there.

Our research pulled us in varied directions. While I concluded that there is a huge percentage of unwanted stuff being sold, there are a few pearls in the ocean too.

Conclusion: There are some genuine penis enlargement pills that work.

Don’t call them magic, there’s no such thing. Call them scientific achievements!  They promise to deliver. They stick to their promise of increasing your penis size without causing any harmful side effects.

Best Penis Enlargement Pills in the market today

Tested and proven to be efficient and effective, the penis enlargement pills we are going to talk about here are medically approved and guarantee results.

These are pills that will bring about the desired changes to your penis size.

These are a few of the quality pills we picked out based on our tests in different categories; such as efficacy of the pills, ingredients used, quality, support team, delivery, bonuses offered, the results achieved and other criteria.

You can be assured that all the penis enlargement pills shown on this page are here solely for one reason: They Do Their Job Well!

If you don’t see pills that you’ve heard a lot about, it is because they Don’t Work!

I have been receiving a lot of emails from people sharing their experiences with the different pills and products they have used.

It is your experiences and testimonials that help me immensely with my research and make it possible to zero in on the best penis enlargement pills you can use.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in my research work and it is you that propel me towards offering the top notch service that my readers deserve and expect from me. This trust you have imposed on me will never be taken advantage of.

All the products I write about here are products that are proven to be good by hundreds of users from around the world.

Penis-Enhancement-Secrets.com is my own website and has nothing to do with any of these penis enlargement product companies. I choose the companies based on the performance of their products alone and nothing else.

Having been in the penis enlargement industry for many years, I understand everything there is to it. While I can bring you products that do their job well, I’m tied down legally from revealing the products that are proven scams.

Note: If using penis enlargement products other than the ones listed here, exercise extreme caution and do your due diligence, as they may be harmful to your health.

My Reviews Of The Best Penis Enlargement Pills:


VigRx Plus  #1


VigRx Plus takes the #1 spot from my side, for its high level of performance leading to amazing and unbelievable results. This product is certainly a winner in the Penis Enlargement Product industry.

The success rate achieved by these pills is above 98%, which says a lot.  This is not just talk; I have testimonial emails from hundreds of people who have very successfully used these pills.

But I must clarify that most people who have used these pills said that results are not witnessed overnight. It works slowly and the first week may just pass by without anything to show.  But things change dramatically for most people during the third week.

They experience a noticeable difference in the penis size and erections are found to be firmer too.

While some lucky ones did gain up to 3.8” in size, the average gain in size is around 2-3 inches. Of course, it goes without saying that it is important to take the pills as directed on the bottle without fail.  People who have used these pills while undergoing an exercise routine are seen to have the best results of all.

VigRx Plus comes with a 100% money-back guarantee of 67 days, where the customer can return the product if not satisfied. But refunds for this product are less than 1%, which is possibly the lowest in the industry.

You will find it interesting to note that adult porn stars also use VigRx Plus. For them, a huge penis is a bonus while premature ejaculation is a big No.  These pills work wonders on both these aspects and people have found themselves enjoying increase in sex drive, stronger erections, and increase in semen production.

The best thing about this pill is that the RESULTS ARE PERMANENT. Even doctors prescribe these pills to their patients.

The only way you may not be able to enjoy the gain in size from these pills, it will have to be only because of discontinuation or lack of following instructions. The problem with most people is that they expect instant results and stop using the pills if they don’t see results in the first week or so.

VigRx Plus offers the perfect and permanent solution for your penis. Add up to 3 inches permanently.  You will find a difference in both the length and girth.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of VigRx Plus.

Advantages of VigRx Plus:

  • No other product comes close to VigRx Plus where gain in penis size is concerned.
  • VigRx Plus is approved and recommended by physicians.
  • It comes with a 100% 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • VigRx Plus guarantees results.  The girth and length of the penis will increase.
  • There are no side effects.

Customer Support: This becomes an integral part of every product you buy.  Support for this product is available 24/7, and there is also a LIVE CHAT where customers can resolve issues instantly.

My Recommendation: I’m 100% confident that this product works and it comes with my highest recommendation as the best penis enlargement product available in the market today.

Visit www.VigRxPlus.com


ProSolution Pills #2


As you see above, this is the 2nd penis enlargement product I recommend. ProSolution Pills are a great alternative to VigRx Plus.

This company has the backing of Health Solutions that speaks only in terms of high-quality.

ProSolution Pillsis without doubt a good product with no side effects.  It certainly brings about an increase in penis size, but the gain is not as much as seen with VigRx Plus. It also works slower in bringing about the gain.

But it has an advantage of cheaper prices, if you order a 4-month supply.

Customer Support: This department is nothing to write home about. Their support is poor but they have gained a good name in the industry solely by the performance of their product.

My Recommendation: I suggest you order a 6-month or 1-year supply, as it’s going to work out cheaper.  It’s anyway going to take a while before you see results and for some it may take about 6 months.

However, I guarantee that you will see results.  On the other hand, if you’re going to spend money on all those months, you might as well get VigRx Plus, as it’s much cheaper and is the best option too.

Visit ProSolutionPills.com


Extenze #3


Extenze is the new kid on the block and is making its way up the ladder really quickly, due to the superior quality of their penis enlargement pills.

I’ve been watching the trends and found that many of my website visitors are getting this product.  There have been several emails that suggest positive results after using these pills.

Support: Their support is not up to the mark and their responses to customer queries are slow.

My Recommendation: This product is relatively new but it works. The reason it has secured 3rd place in my recommended best penis enlargement pills list is due to the bonus membership in Penis Development along with a free Penis exercise guide.

This makes it possible for customers to use these pills in combination with exercise, which is a highly effective way of producing long-lasting results.

Visit Extenze.com



You have seen the three different options we have here. There is a reason why we recommend only three from the hundreds of penis enlargement products in the market.

You no longer need to face disappointment with products that are no good. Check out the reviews and decide on one of these pills, as they all work.

Using my number one recommendation VigRx Plus or my other choices guarantees your enhancement success.

The first change you will experience is in the way you feel psychologically, and within no time the physical effects will become noticeable.

Enjoy a bigger and fuller penis and boost your confidence levels sky-high.  Feeling good about oneself is the biggest gift.

My attempt is to offer you valuable solutions to your penis problems, and you are sure to benefit from these pills.

Caution: Please make sure you use only one product at a time, as using more than one may lead to problems due to the different ingredient combinations.

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